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BareRose Goodies!

March 8, 2010

BareRose is another store with a big fat pile of freebies. Take a look!

This sci fi ensemble is called the Beta Suit.

One of my all time favorite freebs, Free Rose Mini Kimono. The necklace is Free Silver Necklace.

Have a furry themed pool party to attend? Pick up this Oni Swimwear! Also worn: Free Silver Bangles.

The Mini Check dress in Blue also has a cute Red version. The shoes are Jane in Night by Tesla on XStreet.

Don’t forget to snag the fun and funky Palmistry Tattoo!

Hair: Danina Black Coal Tipped Blonde by Amacci
Skin: Free Women’s Skin 01 by Heaven’s Skin&Shape


Finished the Beast Hunt!

March 7, 2010

Finally! 53 scrolls later, and I am done with the Chase the Beast Hunt. Check out some of the best of the swag. I’ll tell you where I got them, but that’s it. You’re going to have to do some hunting of your own.

Hair: AY.LinE
Skin: House of Ruin
Outfit: HLD
Hat and Boots: Soap Co.

Hair: Berri in Carrot by >TRUTH< (Gnubie Store)
Skin: House of Ruin
Shoulder Kitty: Ragdoll’s Cut

Complete Outfit: [MY PINKIE SKULL]
Skin + Ears: Acid & Mala Creations

Top, Sleeves: [ ANCAYI ]
Bottom, Socks: Sassy Kitty Designs
Shoes: Duh!
Bunny Friend: Feather
Crown: [PERTURB/ation]
Hair: AY.LinE
Skin: House of Ruin

Outfit: Ruru@Pino
Skin: Ghost skin1 by Heaven’s Skin&Shape
Hair: Duffy in White A by Magika

Skin, Ears, Tail, and Mr. Crow: BOUNCE
Hair: Lambchop in Firebrick by **Bryce** (Gnubie Store)

Dress, Socks, Tail: NOSOTR@S
Necklace: Ducknipple
Ears: :Gauged:
Shoes: Skat Cat Neko
Mustache: C’est Moi!
Skin: Starlight in Polyxo Another Skin at Gnubie Store
Hair: Flow 2 in Black by Magika

Outfit: sun eskimos
Pocket watch: Never Ever!
Panties: part of THE SEA HOLE
Skin + Ears: Acid & Mala Creations
Hair: AY.LinE

Skin: House of Ruin

Dress: [Indyra Originals]
Skin: House of Ruin

Outfit: *X*plosion
Belt: n-creation
Hat: Little Pricks
Hair: Cupcakes in Blonde A by Magika
Skin: House of Ruin

Dress: Show Me On The Doll
Shoes: Red Stilettos by In Her Shoes
Hair: Cupcakes in Red A by Magika
Skin: House of Ruin

And so so so much more. You really need to do this hunt all the way through to the end.

PS: I’ll come back and add in all the SLinks, but I need to get some ZZzz’s.

Don’t forget those MM Boards on Hunts! (also, Steam Hunt 2)

March 6, 2010

Just a reminder, kids. Slap every Midnight Mania board that catches your eye while you’re on those various hunts I posted about. I’m getting a whole mess of swag.

I’ll be posting what I found on the hunts soon. Trying to get through the Beast hunt now, and the button hunt still has me stumped. See you soon!

Edit to Add:

OH YES. I love Steampunk. Steam Hunt is next on my list.

Sweeter Than Candy

March 6, 2010

There’s a whole mess of freebies at Sweeter than Candy. Head to this shop and you will find…

A cute Beaded Halter Pink dress…

A sophisticated China Blue Silk Dress…

A Flirty Pink Dress…

A Green Dot Mini dress…

The sexy Heather Freebie dress…

The mod-licious Neapolitan Mini…

And the adorable Picking Daisies Blue dress. I believe there is even more! Go pay Sweeter than Candy a visit!

Hair: Cupcake in Blonde D by Magika
Skin: Starlight in Ambrosia by Another Skin at Gnubie Store
Shape: 03SakuraGothic Wild Free by by Heaven’s Skin&Shape

Random Finds, part 2

March 5, 2010

Hair: Road in Black A by Magika
Skin: Starlight in Koronis (eye A, nose A) by Another Skin at Gnubie Store.
Shape and Prim Lashes: 03SakuraGothic Wild Free by by Heaven’s Skin&Shape
Eyes: BrownGreen Big Eyes by Amacci (Group Gift)
Outfit: ***OHARA Free Punk Lady Outfit*** by OHARA
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Women’s Pirate Boots in Pink by Duh!

The detail on these free boots is something to behold. And they come in a variety of colors.

Hair: GIFT from EdelStore woman hair ” Reley ” majestic (XStreet)
Shoes: Women’s Pirate Boots in Red by Duh!

Hair: Berri in Smurf by >TRUTH< at Gnubie Store
Outfit: Gift Honor Bright Set by *Sari’s*

This one makes me feel like a superhero.

Hair: You in Pink White by * Zero Style *
Outfit: Free Outfit by Dawn Design
Shirt: FAME MONSTER Manniquin-T by The Fame Factory (When TPing to the store, click on “Gift” when the Greeter gives you the option)
Shoes: Women’s Velvet Berry Flats by Duh! (Lucky Board)

Shiki Shiki!

March 4, 2010

You, my friend, need to head on over to a little place called Shiki. Why? you ask. Simple, I say. Fun, funky fashion for men and women, AND generous monthly freebies for group members for men and women. Lady business below.

Dress: Red dress with Balloon Skirt by Shiki

Dress: Garden by Shiki

Coat: Red Coat by Shiki
Pants: Prison Tights by GHOST! from Gnubie Store

Dress: Retro Chic by Shiki

Coat: Unisex short leather jacket w/ tshirt by Shiki
Pants: Ember (pumpkin) cygne suit pants by ~silentsparrow~ from Gnubie Store

Sweater: Turtleneck and scarf set by Shiki
Pants: Ember (pumpkin) cygne suit pants by ~silentsparrow~ from Gnubie Store

In all pics
Skin: Beginner Skin Jennie by Heaven’s Skin&Shape (30 days or younger)
Hair: Flow II in Black B by Magika
Eyes: BrownGreen Big Eyes by Amacci (Group Gift)

I love Vignette

March 3, 2010
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So if you haven’t heard of Vignette yet, let me give you the heads up. Quality hair and shoes for free. ALL FREE.  Quoth the creator, “I’m taking a huge risk. I am  making my shoes  to give out for free.” So let’s head over to In Her Shoes first. I LOVE these shoes.

Go ahead and ignore the guy standing in the shot. Here we have awesome sculpted sneakers in a wide variety of colors. I see myself in the future putting on an outfit and being unable to find the proper shoes, heading here, and buying the ones that match.

Flats, polka dot pumps, sweater boots.

MORE sneakers, pumps and flats.


Look, there’s even man shoes!

The fun doesn’t end there. Our next stop is Vignette, where you will find a wide variety of hair…

And skins!

You need to go there right now! And should you have any spare Lindens, drop them in the tip jar. This is some awesome stuff.